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Job Descriptions

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Production Manager

The production manager's mission is to coordinate the on-time and on-budget completion of builds according to the initial job files and any addenda or changes made during the time the job is open. The PM does this by updating job files and the records within, and through timely and accurate communication with sales, accounts receivable and quality control internally, and with crews, vendors and homeowners externally.

Outside Sales Representative

The sales associate's mission is to work in the field, running company leads and referrals, as well as prospecting and cold calling, performing property inspections, signing contracts, meeting insurance adjusters, writing and providing estimates (when applicable), and formally contracting the job to generate sales and contractual revenue for the company.

Field Trainer

The field trainer's mission is to maintain an active, engaged and successful sales team generating more than $300,000/month in revenue for the company. The field trainer does this by continually training, motivating, and managing the sales team, and by communicating in a timely and accurate manner with the sales coordinator and the sales team internally.

Sales Coordinator

The sales coordinator-recruiter's mission is to build a NEW active, engaged and successful sales team of ten (10) or more salespeople by continually recruiting and assisting-coordinating-training of the new, potential sales candidates.

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